We help organizations and individuals
be perceived in the right way


In today’s fast-moving environment, when you are only as good as your stakeholders say:

We help you build, redefine and confront challenges to your reputation.

We develop your communications strategy in times of opportunity, transformation and risk.

We take tough projects and respect your emergency timelines.


Our priority is to help you be perceived in the right way by your key stakeholders.

Our expertise lies in reputation management, crisis and issues management and communications, change management, corporate communications, public relations, advocacy, media research and analysis, tailor-made content development.

Our passion is to be your reliable partner in difficult or critical times, with 24/7 commitment.



Reputation Management

We help you establish, transform or rectify your reputation with stakeholders. We advise you on specific actions and work with you to implement the most effective communications and PR strategies tailored to your goals. We focus especially on preventing damage to your hard-earned reputation of trust.

If you are a company or an organization

We support you when you start operations, when you expand and grow, when you redefine your priorities, or when your business and reputation are at risk. We develop comprehensive communications strategies, prepare relevant content, take care of media relations and speaking opportunities, advise you on B2B tactics, attract endorsement, organize townhalls and public events, and provide you with the necessary research and analysis.

We help your CEO and senior managers become effective and credible company ambassadors, align their messaging and communication approach to your corporate goals, and position themselves as thought leaders in your industry.

If you are an individual

We support you when you launch a new project or change direction, when you need to highlight your advantages or when your personal reputation is under attack. We develop PR strategies tailored to your specific circumstances, prepare relevant content to engage with your audiences, provide speaking opportunities for you, and help you be an effective communicator of your own brand in diverse channels.

Crisis and Issues Management

We help you prevent, prepare for, respond to, mitigate and recover from crises that threaten your credibility with stakeholders and impact your overall business results.

Potential crises lie in careless social media remarks by team members, attacks from competitors, negative client reviews, defamatory statements, fake news, data breaches, cyberattacks, lawsuits, employment issues, leadership failures, incidents and many others.

We assess your areas of risk, work on crisis prevention tactics, prepare comprehensive communication strategies and crisis mitigation and recovery plans. We create relevant content, manage your stakeholder expectations, handle public relations, and provide crisis communication trainings for your teams.

Emergency hotline: heat@heatmark.net

Change Management

We help you navigate through organizational changes in a way that sustains the trust and commitment of your teams and transforms your corporate culture in a way that contributes to your overall business success.

We work with your senior management and HR teams to strengthen employee engagement and enhance leadership credibility at times of mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings and transformations, workforce changes, CEO transitions. We develop comprehensive change communication strategies, including executive positioning and messaging, internal communications tactics and trainings, employee issues management, crisis communications, internal reviews and analyses, PR support.

Corporate Communications

We help your company communicate business information with accuracy, clarity and consistency to partners, clients, investors, employees and the media. We develop and execute corporate communications strategies that foster a consistent corporate identity and protect your reputation, with the ultimate purpose of contributing to your business growth.

Our professional support ranges from developing full-scale strategies to crafting corporate messages and materials. We prepare whitepapers, newsletters, corporate reports, awards applications, press releases, advertorials, speeches. We also advise you on employee communications, corporate videos and interviews, CSR programs, and media relations.

Public Relations

We help you connect with the media, influencers, partners and customers to raise and cultivate awareness of your brand, engage audiences with your stories and earn trust. We develop and execute PR strategies tailored to your short-term and long-term objectives.

We rely on powerful storytelling, consistency of messaging, exceptional writing and persuasive endorsement. We integrate your key messages in tailor-made content, manage its distribution across various media and platforms and amplify it by beneficial memberships, partnerships, special events and campaigns, and advocacy.

Media research and analysis

We help orient you in today’s 24-hour news cycle and ever-expanding ocean of digital outlets with tailored research and analysis of traditional and new media. We provide media insights based on the positioning and tone of editorial coverage, trending topics, ad placements, favored commentators, the voice of prominent journalists, as well as audience engagement and reactions.

Tailor-made content

We help you form correct perceptions about your brand by saying the right thing in the right way. We create relevant high-quality content for your communication with key stakeholders, for long-term projects, one-time occasions or emergencies.

Statements, press releases, targeted articles, Q&As, industry papers, reports, corporate and B2B messages and videos, speeches, video and podcast scripts, presentations, newsletters, social media content – we can support you with any of these on short notice.